überXMHF(pc-intel-x86_32): update documentation

Updates to x86 docs, noting some changes (adding additional clarifying details) based upon comments in the forums:

  1. Building x86 uberapp
  2. überXMHF (x86) GRUB boot-up configuration

Linked PRs:


The following points need to be updates in the docs on top of what is currently in the PR:

  1. describe the new configure switch --with-debug-serial-maxcpus. This should be equal to the number of cores on your platform when debugging is enabled. You can add this to the “verifying and building” section of pc-intel-x86_32

  2. also would be nice to have a full grub menu.lst listing: a small concise self-contained listing example which shows all the different elements; default OS, uberXMHF, savedefault etc.

  3. finally, need the kernel command line options to specify nmi_watchdog=0 to disable NMIs

@amitvasudevan, pushed a changeset to capture these items.

Super. Can you ensure your PR is rebased on current develop branch. I can merge once you confirm. Thanks a bunch @Cap!

rebased the PR, thanks for catching that!

Hehe. I think we should add an github action to take care of that automatically. c.f., https://github.com/cirrus-actions/rebase

Merged PR. Updated OP. Closing task thread. Thanks @Cap!

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