uberXMHF Intel x86 SINIT Module Selection

For installing uxmhf for x86, to allow the dynamic root of trust, a SINIT module is needed.

What is the best way to map between the hardware you are using and the modules listed in the reference by the uxmhf documentation?

AFAIK there is no single download center to plug in your CPU model name and grab the corresponding SINIT module. This is what I usually do:


Search for your CPU model/name: e.g. i5-4570

This should give you the CPU specifications. Note down the Product Collection and Code name.

Now head over to:

as specified in the uberXMHF documentation.

Locate the CPU code name in the 2nd column of the table which says CPU. In our example, i5-4570 is a 4th Generation Haswell. Choose the mobile or desktop row in the first column named Platform depending on your platform. Then download the zip file in the corresponding Kit Download column in the selected row. In our example, the final zip file is: `4th_gen_i5_i7-SINIT_75.zip

Let me know if this helps.

I am experiencing issues downloading the file from the intel website. I am redirected to this page after selecting a file to download. https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/home.html

That is wierd! There is indeed some issue downloading the SINIT AC modules from the Intel website. I need to check if I made a backup somewhere…

The Intel website now gives a 404 error when requesting to download an SINIT AC module. I submitted a support request (on 28 May) but have not received a response yet.

Thanks @Cap. I read somewhere that Intel is moving to a new platform for their development tools and forums, so this could be an effect of that…

Is it possible to boot the hypervisor without SINIT module?

I’m still having issues getting this file from Intel, and have not had any action on my support request.

Yes, you can disable dynamic root of trust and DMA protections. I believe there is a DISABLE_DRT and a DISABLE_DMA configure option.

I am not sure what is going on with the Intel SINIT modules. Did you try to hit up their website again?

Actually, their links seem to be broken. I was able to download the files by scrolling right down below where there is a table of attachments with zip files pointing to each SINIT AC module. It might be wise to just download all of them locally and archive it for future use :slight_smile:

Go here: https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/articles/intel-trusted-execution-technology.html

scroll right to the bottom of the page where it says additional resources and you will find the zip file links that work.

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@amitvasudevan, thanks! I was able to download the SINIT AC module using the additional resources table at the bottom (not the main table above).

Thank you!