Task Dashboard?

Is there a “dashboard” view where we can see on-going/completed tasks (and their assignments)?

@Cap, am just trying this feature out. The list of tasks should be visible from:

  1. The topic list in the Tasks category – this should show all the current tasks, the status, and the person it has been assigned to

  2. The assignment link within your user-profile (profile->activity->assigned) – this should show the tasks that are currently assigned to you (the user)

Let me know if this does show up on your profile. Thanks!

@amitvasudevan, I see the tasks in the Task category. I don’t see a status. I do see the person it is assigned to.

For the assignment link I get differing responses. When I go: profile(click on my image)->assigned (the person+ symbol), I see tasks assigned to me. However, when I go: profile->activity->assigned, I get an error.

while trying to load
Something went wrong.

Hmm…Can you try giving it a shot again. I was in the middle of updating the discourse instance.

still receiving the same error

Can you try again? I disabled the ticket plugin from routing the assigns route to the ticket dashboard…

now it works when I try the link. No error.