Fix überXMHF v6.0.0 documentation and add support for 1st Generation Intel Core CPUs

Does the kernel boot successfully without the micro-hypervisor?

Also make sure you have:

  1. blacklisted certain kernel modules:

  2. disabled NMI watchdog:

Problem solved, will come up with a summary

Great!. I need to plug back support for other generation CPUs and come up with a unified VMCS control setting, so stay tuned for another changeset :slight_smile:

Thanks! Feel free to let me know when to try the new changes

Ok, I just pushed in a changeset that boots Linux successfully on my 4th gen Intel core CPU/platform. Let me know if this still works for you. You have to do configure followed by make as before after pulling in the changes.


The commit is good on my machine. Thanks!

Ok great. I am going to make some of the documentation changes as indicated on this thread and we should be good to go with a hotfix release.

Agree, thanks for your help!

Ok branch in OP merged and incorporated in release v6.1.0. See here: überXMHF v6.1.0 released

Closing task/topic thread. Thanks @superymk!