Feature: example state DB uberapp

A new uxmhf-rpi3 uberapp (uhstateDB) that creates simple database in that tracks each item’s state relative to a max (that can be set only once).

Linked PRs:


Hey @Cap,

Sorry am just catching up on the outstanding PRs. Moving this topic to the überApps category.

Is there a specific use-case you have in mind for such an üApp?


The use case I was envisioning was if you are monitoring the state of multiple devices (e.g., valve open/closed), this could be used to protect values from arbitrarily being changed (e.g., reporting the valve is closed when it is open). This DB could be extended with specific transition logic (e.g., valve state can only go from open to closed if some condition A is supplied).

Ahh…got it. Will review and merge. Thanks @Cap

Hey @Cap,

Can you rebase this PR with current uberspark/uberxmhf.git:develop , so we can merge?

rebased the PR with latest from develop.

Merged PR, updated OP, closing thread. Thanks @Cap