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Various on-going development tasks and discussions surrounding them. The task assignee is listed below the task description in the topic for tasks that are work in progress. Completed tasks are indicated by closed topics…

5 March 30, 2020
überSpark: Automatic installation root-dir discovery within front-end CLI 2 June 29, 2020
überXMHF (rpi3-armv8_32): Convert into a üobject collection with a single üobject 23 June 29, 2020
überSpark: Add libc and libcrypto üobject runtime libraries 10 June 29, 2020
überSpark: Add compiler bridge for Compcert v3.2 through v3.7 (amd64/x86_32) 9 June 25, 2020
überSpark: Add compiler bridge for Compcert v3.1 (amd64/x86_32) 19 May 6, 2020
überXMHF (rpi3-armv8_32): Add UART PV driver back-end üobject 5 June 6, 2020
überXMHF (rpi3-armv8_32): Add PL011 UART receive function and hardware flow control capabilities 5 April 12, 2020
überSpark: Add überSpark compiler, assembler, linker bridges for gcc, gnu-as and gnu-ld (amd64/armv8_32) 13 April 12, 2020
überSpark: Develop CoSS Development Guide üobject collection build example 12 April 12, 2020
überSpark: Refinements to General User's Guide installation walk-through 27 April 12, 2020