Uxmhf cannot boot if setting drt to FALSE

I used the following configs and run the build on HP2540p:
{ “name”: “uxmhf_build_version”, “value”: "“6.0.0"”},
{ “name”: “uxmhf_build_revision”, “value”: ““you-gotta-have-faith-not-in-who-you-are-but-who-you-can-be””},
{ “name”: “debug_serial”, “value”: “@@TRUE@@”},
{ “name”: “debug_port”, “value”: “0x5080”},
{ “name”: “debug_serial_maxcpus”, “value”: “8”},
{ “name”: “drt”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”},
{ “name”: “dmap”, “value”: “@@TRUE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_aprvexec”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_hyperdep”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_ssteptrace”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_syscalllog”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_uhcalltest”, “value”: “@@TRUE@@”},
{ “name”: “uapp_nwlog”, “value”: “@@FALSE@@”}

uxmhf.log (14.0 KB)

Running with drt is default, and is in fact a requirement from the proofs perspective for x86 platforms, since the proofs in that case depend on the initial state established by the hardware.

However, we could add support for running without drt enabled just for debugging purposes I guess. The two components of interest are the drot sentinel and the grub-legacy loader implementation. I am also guessing there are some portions of the DMA setup within uxmhf that needs to be brought in within the #if defined DRT..#endif conditional compilation.

I can help you in this direction if you are willing to add this support in. Let me know. Thanks!