überXMHF (x86_32): add support for debug output to memory

I see, will do. If ok, please merge the hotfix for 1st gen, I’d like to try no DRTM first on 2540p :slight_smile:

Yep its on my list for today, I need to get some lunch and have another meeting, but should be able to whack it out by this evening :slight_smile:

sure, no hurry :slight_smile:

Hey @superymk,

Left a couple more comments on the PRs linked in the OP as I was preparing for a merge. Can you please address them when you have a chance? Thanks!

We should also reference g_log_mem within the documentation to locate the memory buffer address. I left another review on the PR. I think we are good for a merge otherwise!

Thanks @superymk!

good to go. Please merge it in

PRs merged upstream and merge information linked into OP. Closing this topic thread. Thanks @superymk!