überXMHF v5.0 released

Release Version: 5.0
Release Date: 18-Aug-2019

Release Notes:

  • various documentation fixes
  • rpi3-cortex_a53-armv8_32: refactored secure-boot, interrupt protection, DMA protection, and FIQ reflection as modular build-time options
  • rpi3-cortex_a53-armv8_32: fixed stability issues within core micro-hypervisor framework
  • pc-intel-x86_32: migrated debug and uobject info library to core uberspark framework
  • pc-intel-x86_32: migrated data types to be stdint compatible
  • pc-intel-x86_32: removed micro-hypervisor specific dependencies on uobject info table
  • pc-intel-x86_32: added new uobject uhmpgtbl to deal with hypervisor page tables for unverified hypervisor uobjects
  • pc-intel-x86_32: added new uobject iotbl to deal with hypervisor legacy I/O tables for unverified hypervisor uobjects
  • pc-intel-x86_32: revised exhub uobject to handle IDT initialization and operation
  • pc-intel-x86_32: refactored build process to eliminate redundant passes

See full changelog below: