uberSpark dependency with UberXMHF

Hello.Thank you for accepting me in your forum. I am a student I a want to try your framework uberXMHF . More specific trustvisor framework. I have a basic question in order to start. In order to install and use uberXMHF(Trustvisor uberapp) first I need to install uberSpark?

Hi @SavvasR1991,

Thanks for your interest in uberSpark/uberXMHF. The trustvisor uberapp is part of the “legacy” unverified uberXMHF code-base and does not depend on uberSpark. It is also not under active development. You can follow the documentation for the legacy uberXMHF code here to get started: https://uberxmhf.org/docs/toc.html

Please note that the functionality of the legacy trustvisor uberapp will soon be superseded by a more expressive (attested) uberobject framework supported by uberXMHF/uberSpark. So, if you are starting off on a new project, it might be beneficial to discuss the target application and see if it might make sense for us to work together on the attested uberobject framework instead…

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