überSpark: add tool-chain suppor bridge translation targets and parsing CPU HWM casm instructions

This task will add support for multiple translation targets within the existing bridge infrastructure. This will primarly be used for generating CASM C equivalent files as well as regular assembly output from CASM sources. This will also add support for parsing CPU HWM casm_instructions JSON fields and setting up corresponding context within the bridge plugins.

Working branch(es):



Hey @zhang-zichao ,

I just created a PR for this task. Can you give it a quick test on your side with:

uberspark verify -v

within src-nextgen/coss-examples/hello_mul/ucoss_src/uobjcoll ?

I can merge once you confirm this works on your side as well. Thanks!

Hi @amitvasudevan . It works well on my side!

Ok great. Can you approve the changes in the PR and signoff so I can merge? Thanks!

Done. Please go ahead and merge thanks!

Great. PR merged upstream; PR and merge info linked into OP. Closing task/topic thread. Thanks @zhang-zichao !