überSpark: Add host uid/gid mapping to x86_64 build container

The linked PR ensures that host uid/gid persists within the x86_64 build container. This solves issues with build being performed on other platforms (e.g., github runners)

@Cap and/or @yeeb

Can you please test this PR (for the next generation toolchain) on your side with the following commands:

make clean

The above should work successfully on your development environments. Let me know once you have had a chance to give it a whirl and I can merge the PR thereafter.


tested PR. make && make clean both complete successfully.

As an unrelated note. I think that based upon PR14, the coss-example’s Makefile should be updated to remote the --root-dir.

Thanks @Cap

Have fixed this too in this PR and pushed revised changes in. Let me know if this fixes the documentation error on your side.


Yes, this is looks good to me!

PR merged. Closing task topic. Thanks @Cap