überSpark: Add cc-bridge compiler runtime library support, use crt üobjrtl by default in top-level header, and allow binary section specifications within uobj manifest

Add cc-bridge support to hook in compiler runtime library (e.g., libgcc.a) within nextgen tool-chain. Also fix top-level uberspark.h to use crt üobj runtime library headers instead of standard header files so we avoid namespace/type conflict.

Linked PRs:


I’m wondering if we can add #include <uberspark/uobjrtl/crt/include/string.h> to src-nextgen/include/uberspark.h as well. There were a couple of files in the x86 uxmhf that used the memset function as I think string.h was included in the previous gen uberspark.h.

Certainly! I have added <uberspark/uobjrtl/crt/include/string.h> to uberspark.h

Thanks for the tag-teaming guys! I am close to getting this wrapped up by tommorow :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks @Cap!

FYI. Updated PR with a push --force to bring current with uberspark/uberspark.git:develop. Am presently adding support for specifying section sizes for standard üobject sections (e.g., code, data).

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Merged PR. Updated OP. Closing task topic. Thanks!