üApp: picar-s: speed estimation from IMU

This task will use a IMU in order to estimate the speed. We will be using the MPU9250 IMU for this task.

Sub-tasks (Part-1):

  • Getting reading from the sensor with existing python implementation
  • Choosing a particular self-contained matrix multiplication library (for the C implementation)
  • Convert the python code to C code for IMU sensor reading

Sub-tasks (Part-2):

  • Sensor calibration everytime we use it; detail all the information to do this calibration



Some math libraries that we might want to investigate:

Another DSP library written in C:

Some trapezoidal numerical integration examples:

Hi guys,
I am having another interview tomorrow so I am pushing a bit progress today. Converting the code is still pretty hard. I expect to be back on normal working time within one or two weeks once most of my current interview process is finished.