RPi I/O Tasks Indeterminately Failing

I am experiencing indeterminate failures on the Raspberry Pi 3 when running “long-duration” I/O tasks (e.g., downloading large files, compressing large files). No consistent errors are reported (occasionally a seg fault, generally silent); all failures return to the shell.

I built a fresh copy using the develop branch, following the documentation on GitHub (no flags were specified for ./configure).

When you say “long-duration” I/O tasks, are you talking of minutes or hours? Can you share the characteristics of your downloads and compression so I can try and replicate on my test-bed?

long-duration==minutes (tens of seconds).

Network examples: apt-get update, git clone repo, docker pull ubuntu. These do not complete successfully (higher success on smaller file sizes).
generate large file (1GB): dd bs=10240 count=102400 < /dev/urandom > myRandomfile
compression: tar -czvf out.tar.gz myRandomfile

  • when trying to untar the file, get a unexpected end of file error (I assume that this is because the compression failed prior to completion). I did not experience errors with a smaller (10MB) file.

@Cap, I have pushed a changeset to the develop branch that might address some of the stability issues you are experiencing.

I tried it on my test bed and all the I/O tasks you mention run to completion.

Can you pull the latest changes from the develop branch and test on your side?

I’m not experiencing any of the stability issues mentioned previously when using this changeset.


@Cap, this changeset has been merged into master as part of release v5.0.