New überApp leveraging überXMHF

I am attempting to add an additional uapp, that also utilizes the whitelisting functionality (currently within the uapp-uhsign.c). Where would be the best place to move this common type of functionality for uapps?

Linked PR:

Hey @Cap,

Am moving this to the überApps category.

Assuming this is for uberXMHF (rpi3), you can move the whitelisting logic to the common/ folder within uxmhf-rpi3 for the time-being.

Moving forward, once uxmhf-rpi3 gets built into a uobject collection (using uberSpark) (cf. überXMHF (rpi3-armv8_32): Convert into a üobject collection with a single üobject), such common functionality (e.g., whitelisting) can be bought in as either a uobjrtl (uobject runtime llibrary) or even a dedicated stand-alone uobject within the uberspark\uobjs\ namespace.


Submitted a PR moving this functionality and adding an additional uapp (uapp-uagent) which signs a blob of data.

Looking forward to the capabilities of uberSpark!

Hey @Cap,

Thanks for the PR. Have linked it to the OP.

The PR looks good. Just one minor comment:

Can you amend the PR with a brief documentation on the new uapp within docs/rpi3-cortex_a53-armv8_32/build.rst ? You can check the existing docs on the uhsign uapp and adapt it to the new one.

I can merge it once you have the aforementioned change in. Thanks!

PR updated to include this addition to the docs.

PR merged with develop branch in uberspark/uberxmhf.git. Thanks!