Kernel Modules on Pi3

When installing uxmhf-rpi3, it seems that there is a difference between the kernel version of the base Raspbian image (4.4.34) and the lastest commit of the linux kernel (4.4.50).

This seems to be an issue if one attempts to build kernel modules in the rich guest. As initially the build/source files are not available. As /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build is symlinked to the source files on the build platform.

Is the best option for getting these kernel headers to download the source and rebuild them locally?

@Cap, this should be described in the documentation. You will need to download and build your kernel from source as part of installing the micro hypervisor and for building kernel modules.

The documentation mentions building the kernel on the development platform. My question was for building kernel modules on the Pi 3, it seemed that the kernel header files were missing (and linked to the source on a different platform).

So to build kernel modules, build the kernel again locally? I know that this works, but didn’t know if there was something missing in the hypervisor installation that would not make this necessary (can the necessary files be transferred over from the development platform)?

Ahh, I would encourage you to build your kernel modules on the development platform if possible. Of course, you can build on the Pi3 but then you will have to transfer the source and headers from your deevlopment platform to the Pi3.

So to build kernel modules, build the kernel again locally?

Yes, which is why it would be better to build on the development platform since you would already build the kernel there to deploy the micro-hypervisor in the first place.