Is Trustvisor in XMHF-v0.2.2 ported onto uberXMHF?

uberXMHF looks quite cool.
I looked through git repo and it seems Trustvisor is a hypapp, but not a uobject or uberxmhf micro-hypervisor extension, correct?

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TrustVisor is only available as part of legacy XMHF and is not yet ported to uberXMHF completely. The virtual TPM portion of it has been ported to uberXMHF-rpi3 (Raspberry Pi 3) version.

However, the TrustVisor architecture is now superseded by üobjects which offer formal verification capabilities in addition to isolation.

I am happy to guide you through the new uberSpark (uobject) and uberXMHF architecture if you are interested in this effort.


Thanks a lot, Amit! Sure, I’ll investigate more on uberxmhf and let you know my questions.
Two immediate questions I have for now are:
(1) Will the new TrustVisor be released soon or still need some time?
(2) Will uberxmhf support x64 soon?

It’s really cool to hear your team add more formal verification. Great work!

I don’t really see TrustVisor being released for uberXMHF per se; it will continue to exist as a legacy component within XMHF.

As I had mentioned, we already have the virtual TPM capabilities within uberXMHF, and there is ongoing development which will basically help us create uobjects from within applications that then run with formal composition with the micro-hypervisor root-of-trust. We call them üobject collections. This is a work in progress and you are welcome to be part of it if you are interested :slight_smile:

This has been on my radar for quite some time, but we just have not had the development cycles to devote to it. So again, if you are interested, then am happy to help you get started…

Good to hear from you again! Hope you are doing well!

Sure, will let you know if I am going to work on any of these.
And also hope everything goes well with you guys! :slight_smile:

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