Creating new uberapps

When creating a new uberapp, in addition to creating the uapp-{function_name}.c and include/{function_name}.h files. Are additional integration pieces required to create a new uberapp (e.g., some example uberapps appear to have a if(uapp_{function_name}_handlehcall()) added in core/ghcall.c)?

@Cap: I am assuming you are referring to the rpi3 version of the micro-hypervisor?


Yes, this is the callback for handling a hypercall if your uberapp relies on one. And you thread this into core/ghcall.c which is the hypercall handler hub.

Yes, sorry for not stating that assumption. I am referring to the rpi3 version of the micro-hypervisor.

OK, awesome! That would explain why my uberapp did not perform any actions when I did not thread the callback into the hypercall handler hub.