Build Failure - rpi3 uxhmf

I am getting a build failure when I attempt to build uxhmf-rpi3 on the develop branch.

I am receiving an error on main.c line 662. error: expected expression before ')' token while(uart_getc(&ch)){

Should the function uart_testrecv() be enclosed by something similar to:
#if defined (__ENABLE_UART_PL011__) || defined (__ENABLE_UART_MINI__)? in main.c?

commenting out this function allows the build to complete successfully.

@Cap, Indeed that was meant for debugging and can be safely removed. Would you be able to submit a PR on this?

Thanks! PR submitted.

Linking PR:

Hey @Cap,

Can you check my review comments on the PR related to the -fPIC flag? I can merge once you clarify. Thanks!

PR merged. Closing topic.

Thanks @Cap!